Saturday, April 16, 2011

To whom it may concern: It is springtime.

Spring is definitely in full force here in Bowling Green (thus the daily chance of thunderstorms) and I am ready.  As you read my blog, think about whether you are ready for spring or more specifically if your home is ready.  Spring is a great time to think about taking care of your home. 
As a residential home inspector, I see all sorts of issues and problems on homes that stem from maintenance (or lack there of).  Often these problems are not brought to the attention of the homeowner until a problem occurs that they can not ignore or until they are close to selling their home. Unfortunately, these discoveries can include costly repairs, inconvenience for the family or in a less motivated buyer.
With all of our daily responsibilities and often crazy schedules, I understand how home maintenance can take a back seat on our to-do list (especially with much more tempting springtime activities…golf anyone?).  However, I want you to consider what you can gain by performing regular home maintenance.
  You can:
· Save money by eliminating avoidable repairs and failures.
· Extend the life of home components, equipment, and systems.
· Reduce safety and health risks in your home.
· Shorten your ‘to-do’ list.
· Maximize your home’s value and resale potential.
· Improve your homes appearance and appeal.
· Take pleasure in your beautiful home where everything works as designed.
· Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home is maintained.
From a Jones Lang LaSalle study Determining the Economic Value of Preventive Maintenance: “The results of the analysis were overwhelmingly positive for performing preventive maintenance (PM). The analysis shows that an investment in preventive maintenance produces a huge return on the investment.” One sample analysis in the study resulted in a Return on Investment of 545%. This greater than $5 return for every $1 spent on Preventive Maintenance is not unusual. “Maintaining all the equipment produces the significant returns identified by the analysis and offers a powerful argument for the value of preventive maintenance and the dramatic impact preventive maintenance can have on real estate.”
You may be thinking that all of this sounds great, but how do I get started and when would I ever find the time for it all.  Don’t get overwhelmed, because home care and maintenance is not something you have to do alone. You can find some good information on the internet.  Here are a few sites that I trust and that talk about springtime home maintenance:  
In addition to things you can do on your own (internet, books, home improvement shows), Devore Home Inspections can also play a vital role in helping you understand, learn and maintain your home. I offer both Home Maintenance Inspections and Home Inspector Reviews for current homeowners and individuals that own rental property.
Home Maintenance Inspection
The Home Maintenance Inspection is a comprehensive home inspection that will review all areas of your home. This inspection also provides repair recommendations and resolutions for discovered deficiencies.  You are strongly encouraged to be present during the inspection and to ask as many questions as you may have about the condition of your home. I encourage homeowners to have a Home Maintenance Inspection every 3-5 years. Within those 3-5 years, I would suggest that homeowners have an annual Home Inspector Review.  For property owners that have tenants/renters, I suggest getting a Home Maintenance Inspection every year to thoroughly document the condition and maintenance needs of the property.  
A Home Maintenance Inspection comes with detailed report with pictures that will outline:
  • Items that need ACTION- items needing immediate repair or that are unsafe and represent a safety hazard.
  • Items that need ATTENTION- items that need repair, but that are not of an immediate nature or a safety hazard.
  • RECOMMENDATIONS- items that are in need of maintenance or will need maintenance/replacement in the near future.  This can help you budget for the upcoming year.
The Home Maintenance Inspection is designed for the homeowner that wants an intense, detailed assessment of the condition of their home as a preventative measure.
Home Inspector Review
The Home Inspector Review is a comprehensive walk-through and evaluation of your home from a home inspector's perspective.  The Home Inspector Review is not a Home Inspection.  This Review does not end with a written report or any pictures.   But a Home Inspector Review does cost much less than a full Home Inspection. With you present, I will visibly inspect your house in a comprehensive manner.  You are encouraged to ask questions and to take notes so you can have any issues documented.   I encourage homeowners to have this Review each year to make sure small deferred maintenance items do not turn into larger problems.  

I am happy to announce that starting in May, all of my inspections will include this FREE home maintenance manual .

Just like our bodies- homes age, experience stress (from weather and the elements), and accidents occur.  Consider a Home Maintenance Inspection or Home Inspector Review as your home’s annual doctor visit (however, this will be more enjoyable and I promise no blood work- I hate needles!).  Please feel free to email or contact me if you would like more information about how to maintain your home or if you have a specific question that I can help you with.
This week, I really want to hear from you and will be giving away a $15.00 Target Gift Card to say thank you for reading Ask Your Bowling Green Home Inspector and for supporting Devore Home Inspections. 
Here is what I would like to know from you:
Comment about why you think a homeowner would benefit from a Home Maintenance Inspection or Home Inspector Review from Devore Home Inspections.
Comment about a home maintenance issue that you have questions or problems with.
On April 23rd, readers that participate by becoming a fan of Devore Home Inspections on Facebook and then posting one of the above on Devore Home Inspection’s page will have their name put in a drawing for a $15.00 Target Gift Card. I will announce the winner on facebook and mail or deliver the gift card to you personally.

Thank you for reading my blog and for learning more about Devore Home Inspections.  Come back next week for Lindsey’s blog post on living “green and clean” in Bowling Green.

Check out some early spring pictures from the Devore homestead:

First blooms of the season.

The new rain barrel is staying full.

Titleist balls keep popping up in the yard….weird.

Looks like it is time to plant some flowers.

  Relax and enjoy your weekend!

To whom it may concern: It is springtime. It is late afternoon. –Kurt Vonnegut


Blogger ctlee8540 said...

I think Home Maintenance is the key to keeping up a home. Now if a handy person or maybe a robot would come along to help! I do plan to make a list of my next years maintenance plan , thanks to your suggestions.

April 18, 2011 at 6:42 AM  
Blogger BowlingGreenHomeInspector said...

Thanks Carolyn-you and Gary do a great job at maintaining your home (but I know it is a lot of work!!) :)

April 25, 2011 at 9:20 PM  

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